Tri-State STEM+M School

Students and Parents:

Before filling out an application, it is important to note that only incoming freshmen will be accepted to the School. The School will not be accepting incoming sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

For more information on enrolling, please call 740-377-4433.

Take some time to explore this website, and if the Tri-State STEM+M school sounds like a good match download and fill out the application form and e-mail the completed form to 

Application Form
 or click here to fill out an online version of this application.


There are two parts of the admission process perspective students will need to complete when applying to the Tri-State Early College STEM-M Collaborative. First, applicants must fill out an application to the school, this can be completed online or on paper. The application includes an essay portion in which the prospective student must answer why he or she would want to attend this school. The second part of the admission process is an interview the student will attend. This will consist of Tri-State ECSC staff talking with prospective students about their application, essay, and prior academic and attendance records. Additional writings may be asked to be provided at this time. This procedure is put in place to identify students who want most to learn and be afforded the opportunities to succeed after they graduate high school. We look for students who have more of a desire to learn than a desire to attain a 4.0. This does not mean we do not want students who excel in the classroom. It means that is not the sole basis of criteria when looking for students to enroll at this school.