Jayshree Shah
Jayshree ShahFounding Director
Jayshree Shah serves as a Founding Director of Tri-State STEM+M school. Ms. Shah has served in leadership position at a local high School, where she established an Advanced Placement curriculum, a Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science program and revived the Project Lead the Way Engineering program. She was an instructional leader which led to improving scores and graduation rates at the high school. Prior to being a leader, Ms. Shah was an inquiry based biology teacher, and also the Academic Director and District and Local Science Fair Co-coordinator. Ms. Shah has promoted scientific research and her students have succeeded at local, district, state and international levels science fair competitions. Her students have presented their research at the Ohio Academy of Science annual meetings and at the American Junior Academy of Sciences. She has served on several state wide committees in the development of curriculum to state based tests in science. She also served as an adjunct faculty member for Marshall University, Ohio University and WV State College.
Ms. Shah earned her a Bachelor of Science in Botany from Marshall University, a Master of Science in Biological Sciences from Marshall University and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Ohio University.