COVID-19 Update

 November 12, 2020


Tri-State STEM+M Families,

As you know, many positive cases and close contacts related to COVID-19 are occurring in our county. This increase in cases has resulted in many more people being tested. One unexpected issue that may occur, due to increased testing, is a student coming to school during the time a household member is quarantined while awaiting the result of their test. Though, this has not happened to the best of our knowledge we are trying to get ahead of any possible accidental exposure.

In order to prevent and limit as much as possible the close contact exposure of our students, we ask that all families do the following:

  • If a member of your household is tested for COVID-19 due to having symptoms, please keep your student(s) home from school until the results are negative and please notify the school by calling 740-377-4433 or emailing Mrs. Davidson at
  • If a member of your household is tested for work or other reasons and is not symptomatic, you can continue sending your child to school. However, if that person tests positive, please notify the school immediately.
  • Temperature greater than 100.0
  • Cough
  • GI (Vomiting/diarrhea)
  • New rash
  • Exposure to a COVID-19 case during a 48-hour period.

As a reminder of our previous and continued precautions please remember to screen your student(s) for the symptoms before coming to school:

If any of these symptoms are present, please call the school to notify us of the absence and do not come to the school building.

***REQUIRED REPORTING: Parents and Guardians are required to notify the school if their student has had any exposure to COVID-19 or has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.***


Our goal is to keep our students as safe as possible. This virus unfortunately has us learning and adapting as we go. Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and patience as we navigate this pandemic and the unintended consequences of it. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Stay safe and healthy!

Josh Joseph

Interim Director