Updated Calendar

Tri-State STEM+M Students and Families, 
As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and attempt to operate at the safest means for students and staff as possible, the following information will be the layout for the next 3 weeks and through at least the 1st 9 weeks.   

Week of Jan 11th – All Virtual (Every student virtual, all staff present in the building)
Regular Daily Block Schedule 

Week of Jan 18th – MLK Jr day on Monday (NO SCHOOL) - IN-PERSON Tuesday through Friday unless student has opted for 1st 9 weeks Virtual Learning. Regular Daily Block Schedule (THIS WEEK IS AN ODD WEEK DUE TO HOLIDAY) 

Week of Jan 25th – In-Person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday unless student has opted for 1st 9 weeks Virtual Learning. Wednesday is Virtual/Remediation Day. Regular Daily Block Schedule. This schedule will remain at least throughout the 1st 9 Weeks of the Spring 2021 Semester.

Unless something changes, the schedule for the week of January 25th will remain intact throughout at least the 1st 9 weeks grading period. This is consistent with the calls from the Governor and ODE that school staff and most vulnerable persons will have the COVID-19 Vaccination option being made available and administered by early March.  
We are allowing those students and families who are high risk to remain virtual if they so choose. 

We are taking what we feel are the most appropriate steps possible that will allow our school to be open, remain open and to operate safely throughout the semester.  
**To be clear, there are no separate groups A and B like we saw previously saw in the Fall semester. Unless a student has opted for Virtual-Learning, they are to be present at the school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be used as our virtual catch-up and remediation day.  

We have attached an image of a calendar to assist with more understanding. 
Virtual Option Form is located here: https://docs.google.com/forms/...