Tri-State STEM+M Reopening Plan version 2

Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School
Fall 2020 School Reopening Guidance Overview 8-10-2020
Ver. 2 8-10-2020

Calendar & Schedule:
●The academic calendar remains the same as we prepare to start August 10th with new student orientation.

●The 1st 9 weeks students will be working remotely on a set weekly schedule.

●Classes begin at 8:00AM Monday, August 17th. Students are required to log-in to Schoology and navigate to their classes. 

●Daily Schedule:
1st Block - 8:00AM
2nd Block - 9:00AM
3rd Block - 10:00AM
4th Block - 11:00AM
5th Block - 12:00PM

●From 1:00PM - 3:00PM students are using this time as make-up time and/or tutor time with their instructors.

Building Access: We will be adhering to specific ODE, ODH, and CDC guidelines.
●Anyone entering the building is required to wear a facial covering (mask, shield, neckbuff) and a temperature check will be administered. We ask that if you have any COVID-19 symptoms that you do not attempt to enter the building.●The new student orientation will be held in small groups and varying staggered times to minimize potential exposure risks. We will be cleaning frequently and students will be spaced 6 feet apart.●Parents please remain in your vehicle during drop off and pick up during these times unless it is necessary.●Along with the remote instruction we will be scheduling student groupings of very limited size to enter the school to complete several problem-based STEM projects and other class-based projects. These will be scheduled based on student schedules and they will be limited in number but, every student will have the opportunity to participate in these projects.
Other information:
●We will be monitoring the situation throughout the 1st 9 weeks and will make anyadjustments as we see fit.
●During this time, we will also be preparing plans for the 2nd 9 weeks with hopes of beingback to more of a “normal” setting.
●Student schedules will be released in the coming weeks along with the schedule of whenand what students will be permitted in the building for their projects.

This plan is tentative and subject to change. We are constantly getting updates from ODE, ODH, and the CDC. These changes to guidelines for better or worse have affected and can continue to affect the re-opening plan that we are providing. With this in mind, understand that during the 1st 9 weeks we will be monitoring the local situation and will decide on the 2nd 9 weeks plan. This decision was not made lightly but we feel it is the best option for everyone given our current physical building layout and staffing.