School Restart

Tri-State STEM+M Students and Families,

Due to some significant changes in ODE guidance along with a spike in cases due to the Christmas holiday, Tri-State STEM+M will begin Monday January 4th in an all-virtual format. This change is currently just for the first week of classes but, as we saw in the fall, we may need to pivot to change at any point. 

During this week staff will be teaching classes during regular school hours via Zoom M-F and we will also be working on some classroom redesigns to help us with the new ODE guidance. Without these classroom changes, we would no longer be in compliance. This guidance change was unexpected and just came through last night. 

Our goal is to get every student who is able, back into the school building as soon as safely possible. We will be sending out information on Monday for those families who wish to stay virtual for the first 9 weeks. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Davidson